Политология и право

Сазонова О.А. О субъектах административно-правовых отношений в сфере миграции

В статье рассматривается классификация субъектов административно-правовых отношений в сфере миграции. В ходе рассуждений отмечается, что существует деление субъектов правоотношения на коллективных и индивидуальных. Установлено, что в миграционной сфере действуют некоторые особые субъекты, наделённые специфическими полномочиями. Сделан вывод о том, что круг субъектов административных правоотношений в сфере миграции включает участников, которые характерны только для рассматриваемых общественных отношений, в том числе, вынужденные переселенцы, беженцы, соотечественники и др.

Hakim L. The concept of Rechterlijk Pardon as a critique on the effectiveness of imprisonment in Indonesia

This paper discusses a large number of criticisms on the effectiveness of imprisonment, which in reality cannot decrease the level of criminality in a particular country so that other alternatives are required to solve this problem. Moreover, this research revealed that judges in Indonesia tend to determine the imprisonment verdict on the criminal act with a criminal charge of under five years. The concept of Rechterlijk Pardon which will be applied in the Draft of the Indonesian Criminal Code (RKUHP) and has been implemented in several countries are also one of the alternative penal measures to imprisonment and judicial corrective to the legality principle, which in the end is expected that this concept aims at decreasing the level of existing criminality.

Azis Setyagama. Analysis of marriage law in Indonesia: the role of career women in household life

In the Indonesian marriage law stipulated in the law No. 1 year 1974 on marriage, a husband is responsible for providing a living to his family, in fact in the community instead of that women or wives make a living as career women. The impact of these changes will result in positive and negative consequences. The positive impact of women in households is increasingly strong so that when something happens to her husband, he dies or divorcing, then woman can take over the role of husband as a single parent woman in the family and look for the work and raised her children. From the negative side, with the number of activities outdoors, automatically the affairs of the household have less attention so that the family communication is less harmonious both to the husband and children. This study used normative legal studies on marriage, linked to social changes amid the Indonesian society that is now experiencing the transition from traditional communities to modern life. The results of research and analysis resulted that the career women in Indonesia have more and more opportunities for women to work in the public sector as employees or government employees. So that the position of women as housewives Diminished and resulted in less harmonic family relationships, as the time for family is increasingly diminishing.

Тимощук А.С., Трофимова Н.Н. Особенности национально-правовой борьбы с коррупцией

Коррупция – это мимикрирующая антиобщественная форма распределения социальных благ. Экономические возможности всегда будут меньше растущих аппетитов потребителей. В условиях ресурсно-экологических рисков необходимо переосмысление коррупции на современном этапе как недопустимой угрозы устойчивому развитию. Авторы надеются, что внедрение новых цифровых технологий знаменует новый этап становления открытого и честного общества.

Сазонова Н.В., Сазонова О.А. Об административно-правовом регулировании незаконной миграции

В данной статье рассматриваются проблемы административно-правового регулирования незаконной миграции. В ходе рассуждений исследуются вопросы формирования устойчивой миграционной обстановки, которая направлена на обеспечение соблюдения интересов государства. Установлено сохранение неблагоприятной динамики незаконной миграции в страну. Сделан вывод о том, что деятельность государства по минимизации и предупреждению негативных последствий в указанной сфере требует всестороннего исследования, а также корреляции с последующими изменениями административного и миграционного законодательства.

Ramli L. The settlement of the industrial relation dispute in Indonesia

The parts of industrial relation are workers and employers. The relation between them is based on freedom of contract principle. The parties have difference purpose that easier evoke dispute. There are two kind of industrial relation dispute settlement, non-litigation and litigation settlement. The mediator has function to resolve the industrial or labour dispute according to Law No 2 of 2004. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution to resolve industrial conflict. Mediation by civil servant from Man Power Department make the simply ways and cut the high cost. But, if the conflict cannot be solved by mediation or if the parties disagree about the suggestion they can continue go to industrial trial. The main issue is what the ideal model in industrial relation dispute solution. The method in this article is socio legal research. Start from the regulation, implementation, collect the problem from the process, sorting the problem and then will make the model for solution of industrial relation dispute.

Веселов Н.Ю. Биологические, психологические и социальные факторы правового концепта «ребенок»

В статье раскрываются факторы, обусловливающие особенности правового представления о ребенке. Дается краткая характеристика биологическим, психологическим и социальным особенностям этого периода жизни человека. Обосновывается, что с данными факторами должен коррелироваться правовой концепт детства. С учетом этих факторов выделены основные особенности правового статуса (положения) ребенка в различных видах правоотношений.

Anand G., Subagyono B.S.A. Juridical execution of Court verdict problem in civil case in Indonesia

Execution is the act of forced execution applicant or winning party through a Court of jurisdiction competent against the executed parties to comply with or enforce a decision which had permanent legal force. In its implementation, the juridical execution must comply the defined principles in article 195 until 208 HIR (Herziene Inlandsch Reglement). The principle included the verdict of permanent legal force, condemnatory verdict, non-voluntarily verdict and execution by Head of Court. However, there are some constraints that occurred. Those are inappropriate action done by the parties and infringement in breaking the law either civil or criminal sanction.

Suparno B. The regional autonomy in Aceh by developing non-violent way

Since the late 1970s the Indonesian province of Aceh has experienced a series of military conflicts related to separatism and the ensuing struggle against insurgents. Yet the conflicts have successfully settled through Helsinki agreement on August 15th, 2005. The government has made reconciliation and reconstruction efforts for those conflicts through Presidential Decree, which about regional autonomy. The strategy of this document consists of state principal effort to avoid violent or known as non-violent way by using persuasive and or democratic dialogue. Thus, in this study, the problems which appear are the criteria of special autonomy in Aceh, and the government’s resolution strategies in developing non-violence according to government regulation. Finally, the result shows that particular autonomy program by providing assistance for whole development as like for health, education, infrastructure, and others. It hopes to give positive contribution for Aceh society development in which will bring the prosperity life and Aceh still become part of Indonesian Republic.

Azis Setyagama. Presidential threshold policy in Indonesian presidential election of 2019

In 2019 Indonesia would conduct simultaneous elections to elect legislative and executive members; members of House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council, President and Vice President. Law No 7/2017 on general election sets the implementation of simultaneous general elections. It regulated Presidential Threshold in which a party or coalition of parties wishing to nominate their cadres to be a president and vice president should meet the requirement of at least 20% seats in the house of representatives or 25% of national valid votes in the previous general election of the House of Representatives. This Presidential Threshold requirement raised the pros and cons for the leaders of political parties in Indonesia. Large parties with many votes in the House of Representatives, would agree on the provisions of this rule, while small party leaders, who did not have a vote in the House of Representatives, would reject the provisions of this rule because it was considered very detrimental to small parties and castrate the people’s right to elect their future leaders. This study used normative approach and sociological studies of the negative impact on the enactment of these provisions in the Indonesian presidential election of 2019.