Murtiningsih S., Nugroho H.W., Yassa S. The meaning of Macca Na Malempu (smart and honest), Warani Na Magetteng (brave and assertive) in Bugis Luwu society toward educational philosophy perspective

This research aims to discuss dealing with the formulation of the problem; what is the meaning of Macca Na Malempu, Warani Na Magetteng as four perfect characteristics of a leader, and how this characteristics relevance with Character of Education. The result of this research describes that this values can be seen in community service agencies, and in schools in Palopo City. In addition, the relevance of Macca Na Malempu, Warani Na Magetteng is related to the character of education: a) ammaccang (intelligence) is related to the value of characters like reading, curiosity, creativity, independence, hard work, peace of mind, national spirit, and love for the motherland, b) lempu' (honest), relating to the values of religious character, honesty, tolerance, democratic, responsibility, respect for achievement, and friendship, c) brave is related to the character of environmental care d) assertive is relevant to the character of discipline.