Afdaliah, Ikhfan H. Character education through extracurricular activities of scout (“Pramuka”). An Indonesian experiences

In Indonesia students’ character building has become the state education policy implemented in the national education curriculum. Ministry of Education and Culture has launched the implementation of character building for primary schools up to universities level. Early age character building is required to keep up one’s character not to be changed. Students’ character and morality can be correctly built up and integrated through class subjects and extracurricular activities. The appropriate way to build and develop students’ character is by participating in extracurricular activities in which it is an educational activity to extent their knowledge, improve their skill and internalise the value of religion as well as local, national and global social norms to form a better human being. Scouting is one of those extracurricular activities that are essential to building students’ character. It provides the moral education along with life values for the students. This study examines the role and function of scout activity as students’ extracurricular in providing the moral values for them.