No 2, 2020

Publishing Date: 2020-07-25


Christensen C.S. Bjarmaland – the forgotten history of the Vikings in Northern Russia. A description of the Vikings, the Bjarmians, the area around the delta of Northern Dvina and the wealth of nature in the Russian forests in the years 890-1250

The Vikings’ rise in Northern Russia is a chapter in European history that is yet to be written. Political, linguistic and mental barriers have meant that this period of Northern Russia’s great expansion was sadly neglected by historians. But after 1990, with the opening of Russia’s archives for western researches, we can finally begin collecting the small pieces for a jigsaw puzzle of the Vikings’ journey in the area of the Kola Peninsula. Recent archaeological finds help us to support the theory that the Viking voyages in the White Sea and the Arctic Ocean have had greater significance and extent than previously thought. This article will shed new light on Bjarmaland, the Bjarmians and why the Vikings for many centuries pilgrimage to the area where Arkhangelsk is today. Were they in the area at all? And how there still are traces in our modern society of this era. Furthermore, the trade connections between Vikings, Bjarmians and Russians will be put into a larger perspective and the Vikings’ trade routes in both Eastern and Western Europe will be described.

Shapiro B.L. Moscow Kremlin Old Maidens’ Convent necropolis: history and museumification

The article considers the historical fate of one of the most famous Russian dynastic necropolis – the necropolis of the Ascension Cathedral of the Old Maidens’ Convent in the Moscow Kremlin. We mark the boundary points in the history of the burial vault temple between the 15th and 20th centuries. Special attention is paid to the tragic events in the conditions of the anti-church policy during the first years of the Soviet regime. The salvation of the monastery necropolis opened the way to its museumification. This process has been going on for almost a century; we are tracing its dynamics and outlining the nearest prospects. Archival materials, sources of personal origins, historical journalism, as well as contemporary museum exhibitions have contributed to the survey.

Pulkin M.V. Parish charity in the 18th – early 20th centuries (based on the materials of the Olonets diocese)

The article discusses the problems of parish charity formation and development in the territory of the Olonets diocese. The main areas of charity were the parish churches’ construction and providing them with necessary worship property, the acquisition of vestments for the clergy. Later the support of church parish schools and assistance to the development of church singing were added to the areas of charity. The most prominent role in the development of church philanthropy was played by local merchants, who later became churchwardens. The second most important role belonged to the parishioners themselves, who actively contributed to the well-being of the local parish.

Pidhayko V.G. Anti-religious divisions of Soviet State security bodies during inter-patriarchal period in the Russian Orthodox Church (1925-1943)

Based on rare published and unpublished sources this paper analyses the most famous group of agent files, agent-operative cultivations of special services implemented by state security agencies in relation to Church-monarchical and mystical groups. It shows main directions of the NKVD/NKGB activities on the “religious question” during the Great Patriotic War. In conclusion, partly under influence of state security agencies, Stalin moved from the oppression and restriction policy of the Russian Orthodox Church and other religious activities to the policy of a certain “détente”, which resulted in the revival of Orthodox parishes and communities of other faiths.


Bissimbayeva P.M., Ilyushkina M.Y. Mobile applications in foreign language teaching in the higher education system

The article discusses the use of mobile applications for foreign language teaching in the higher education system. The article also covers the issues of informatization of education and various aspects of mobile technology use in educational process. The authors discuss the opportunities of mobile assisted language learning and analyse particular aspects of using mobile applications in foreign language teaching.


Mykhaylenko M.V. Three-tier integration as an option for further EU enlargement: the case of the Union for the Mediterranean

The article examines the opportunities for future EU enlargement through new formats based on the concept developed in the first half of the 1990s, which, however, acquires fresh spotlight under circumstances of crisis-plagued world and upheaval of Euro-skepticism. The study is focused on institutional evolution of the Barcelona Initiative leading to the gradual construction of the nowadays Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), a noticeable segment of the EU Neighborhood Policy. Modeled coeval to the Eastern Partnership (EaP), the UfM, providing room for acute cultural differences between members and thus being very different from the EaP, leaving out the Maastricht criterion, has accomplished some of the basic institutional tasks of integration in trade and civic society aspects. It seems that even within such an emulative framework the organization has evidenced similar effects to ordinary accession-driven processes.

Azis Setyagama. Problematic of the election policy in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the largest democracies in the world. Indonesian citizens have the highest power where the will of the people is the will of the state. To channel the will of the people general elections are being held as a form of people’s control of the power in Indonesia. Before 2019 elections in Indonesia were held separately between legislative and executive elections. After the Constitutional Court Decision No 14/PUU-XI/2003 general elections in Indonesia are held simultaneously between executive and legislative elections. The impact that occurred after the simultaneous elections were held in 2019, the implementation of this elections took many lives, because many election executive officers died due to fatigue in carrying out tasks due to too much workload and too little time available. This paper represents a normative legal research that examines the norms in given Constitutional Court Decision and Law No 42 of 2008 concerning election of President and Vice President. Besides reviewing from the normative side, the authors also study from sociological studies related to the community’s evaluation of the general elections implementation. From the results of normative and sociological studies it concluded that the simultaneous election in 2019 caused many casualties because election officials were exhausted in carrying out election process. Thus, it is necessary to change the rule of law regarding the implementation of general elections in Indonesia.

Tomilov I.S. Electoral and legislative features in the 2016 State Duma elections

Elections to the lower house of the Parliament of the Russian Federation, as a rule, arouse the greatest interest among candidates, voters and political scientists of the country. Indeed, every campaign of this level is a cross-section that demonstrates the development of the political system in terms of various aspects of its existence: party groupings, election rules and procedures, funding, violations, and much more. Along with this, the key role is played by legal acts regulating the preparation, progress and summing up of the election campaign. All participants of the political field focus on the legal aspects in particular. First of all, the transformation of the electoral legislation is of concern as it has undergone significant changes especially since the 2016 campaign, the most recent elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The study of the features of the transformed legal sources in the elections of the Duma of the seventh convocation is the purpose of this work.

Sazonova O.A. Compatriots abroad: problems of public administration

The article identifies that government control in the sphere of migration pays particular attention to the executive authorities. It is noted that the migration reform implication provides conditions of acquisition of the Russian citizenship, and the regulations directed to creation of the favourable mode for voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots are drafted. It is claimed that successful implementation of the policy of compatriots’ return corresponds to the strategic interests of the state and in this connection observance of the conditions listed in the article is obviously necessary. The results of the study suggest that many problems in the specified sphere have no solution, and improvement of administrative and legal regulation is still needed.


Staniszewska A. The history of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms studying as a psychological disorder

The paper describes the history of hyperactivity, impulsivity and clinical attention disorders studying. The symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are known to researchers since ancient times. Various theories and approaches to the ADHD studying presented in the researches of specialists from different eras and countries have led to a variety of definitions, diagnostic criteria and characteristics of the syndrome. Today ADHD is an officially recognized psychological disorder, which symptoms are described in international medical classifications.

Staniszewski M. Prevention and treatment of negative consequences of stress using elements in the emotional-stress psychotherapy

The article describes both the problems of prevention and psychotherapy of post-stress disorders. To overcome the negative consequences of distress the author proposes methods of the emotional-stress psychotherapy. The research analyses two stages of therapy: stabilization of the patient’s psychological state and activation of psychological reserves. The author gives examples of purposes, tasks and indicators for evaluating the results of psychotherapeutic care. The article contains examples of approaches and tools of emotional-stress psychotherapy that can be effectively used for the prevention and treatment of distress consequences.


Karikov S.A. To the characteristics of historical sources of the Lutheran confessionalization (on the example of Brunswick)

The article discusses historical sources of the Lutheran confessionalization in Brunswick. The author analyses main documental, legal, narrative sources and identifies the features of various sources, such as the church ordinances of Brunswick, school curricula, chronicles, and works of reformers. In conclusion, to understand the composite and contradictory nature of Lutheran confessionalization it is necessary to use the complex of various types of historical sources.

Walczak D., Nikolsky E.V. “Bogatyr” in the epoch of postmodernism. Post-modern elements of Ilya Muromets’ iconography

This article considers the image of Ilya Muromets in modern Russian culture. The authors show that only in the end of the 19th century there was a contamination of two different characters: the epic hero Ilya Muromets and the reverend Ilya Pechersky from the Kiev Monastery of the Caves. As a result of this overlay, as well as influence of Victor Vasnetsov’s painting, Soviet monumental sculpture and animated films at the turn of the 20th and 21th centuries reveals a typical iconography of St. Ilya as a warrior monk. The article proves that all main postmodernism features are expressed in the modern iconography of Ilya Muromets: epistemological uncertainty, deconstruction and decanonization, intertextuality.


Balalaieva O.Y. Deetymologized verb lexicon of onomatopoeic origin

The purpose of the article is to determine the reasons for deetymologization and desemantization of onomatopoeic verbs based on their historical and etymological analysis, to identify relics of onomatopoetic origin. The material for this study was 16 verb lexemes, the selection of which was made from the etymological dictionaries of Russian and Slavic languages. Among the linguistic factors associated with the deetymologization of onomatopoeic verbs, we can distinguish phonetic, word-building and semantic ones.

Komarov E.V. Polysemy of the English preposition “through”

The present paper focuses on the semantic structure of the English preposition “through”. The aim of the study is to analyse the mechanisms and results of metaphorization of its spatial meaning. In order to establish the metaphorical meanings of the preposition, the data from the dictionaries were verified by the empirical data from the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA). The study confirmed the hypothesis that all non-spatial meanings of this preposition are to a certain degree connected semantically with its prototypical spatial meaning.

Syrotina O.O. Synonymic relations in the English language terminology of biotechnology field

The article covers the study of synonymous relations in English terminology of biotechnology. The relevance of this work is due to the lack of research on the phenomenon of synonymy in biotechnological terminology. The author has identified and analysed the main types of synonymy and their structural features in the studied term system. The author characterises the types and structural features of terminological synonymous associations, analyses absolute / relative synonyms, and proposes the classification of synonymic terminological units according to various criteria. It was revealed that difference in terms of structure come into synonymous relations, among which single-word multi-root synonyms, two-component terms and synonyms represented by terms and the corresponding abbreviation predominate.

Rozhkov Y.G. Terminological field “animal diseases” in the English language

The paper characterises peculiarities of the terminological field “animal diseases” formation in the English language. According to the analysis the author traces the terminological field genesis and determines its main sources of replenishment in the English language. The analysis proves that diversity, multitude and specificity of the field units arouse a huge interest and requires deeper studying.

Bosko V.P., Zakharova Y.G. Barbarisms in the language of the Internet

The article presents an analysis of barbarisms used in Internet blogs, websites, forums, etc. The authors determine functional areas of the use and factors affecting the spread of barbarisms as well as mechanisms of barbarisms’ adaptation in speech. The article reveals the features of changes in a number of foreign-language words at the phonetic-graphic, semantic and derivational levels.

Gorelov O.S. Object principle of surrealist code (from surrealistic thing to object)

The article considers the object principle, one of the principles-biases of the surrealist code of literature. During the 20th century under the influence of the code surrealism objectified, and there is a shift in emphasis from the surrealistic thing to the object. If an object enters into a metonymic relationship with a thing, it enters into a reverse connection with a subject: an object is an anticipation of the subject and not a projection as is the case with a thing. In fiction texts objectification carries out the synthesis of living and non-living, and code objectification is a synthesis of the imaginary and perceived. As a result of comparing the object principle with the latest trends in philosophy, it is concluded that the object orientation of the code deconstructs the essentialist installation of classical surrealism.


Linchenko A.A. Time and event in the youth’s family memory narratives

This article comprehended the features of representing the family time, chronology and periodization in the youth’s narratives. The author revealed the main types of family history events, analysed methods of constructing time and events in the context of the cultural practices of everyday life recognized as traditions of labour, life, and leisure. Positive and negative curves of biographical stories were identified based on the biographical method of Fritz Schütze. These curves were compared with the “family scenarios” represented in the narratives of young people. Within the youth, family time in most cases dominated the historical events of the region and the country, and the predominant tendency was the desire for “generational periodization”. The features of comprehension and argumentation in the youth’s view of family history events were analysed. The existing classifications of types of family stories were supplemented, which among young people can be associated with strong, weak continuity, and also aimed at denying family historical experience. In the context of the interpretation of the mythological R. Bartes and A.F. Losev the images of the sacred and profane in the narratives of family memory were classified.

Gerashchenko A.I., Gerashchenko I.G. Methodological programmes in the philosophy of law

The article identifies the main methodological programmes that are used in the philosophy of law. It also shows diversity and historical continuity of methodological programmes in the theory and philosophy of law. The idea is that at various stages of the formation of legal systems there can be used various methodological approaches with a different degree of efficiency. Currently prevailing is the eclectic methodology in the philosophy of law.