No 3, 2018

Publishing Date: 2018-10-25


Fedchenko O.D. Horseshoe as the discharge of the principal sign of the Rurik Dynasty

The article points out that the horseshoe became the basis of the Rurik Dynasty’s Bident. This thing acted as an attribute of economic, legal and political identification of the owner of a horse. A suggestion was made that a Bident could come to Russia from a territory where a horse cult and a friendly culture were present. The region that meets this requirement could be the Baltic.

Christensen C.S. Denmark-Russia relations in the years 1493-1924: Vikings, the Baltic Sea, Sweden, Poland-Lithuania, royal dynasties, Tsar Peter III, naval officers and trade companies

For more than 1,000 years there have been relations between Denmark and Russia in political, cultural and economic affairs. There has never been a real bilateral war between the two countries. However, it is not said that the relationship has always been harmonious or close, neither in state nor in popular terms. 525 years ago, in the year 1493, the Danish-Russian relations were finally written down in the so-called Treaty of Copenhagen on the 8th of November. Since then diplomatic relations between the two countries have been parts of the foreign policy of both countries. In the following half a century, especially Russia had interfered in the historic destiny of Denmark, whereas Denmark tried to interfere in the development of Russian agriculture and industry in the beginning of the 1900s. In this article it will be analysed what has meant the connection between Denmark and Russia throughout the ages and what have been the reasons for the political actions in the two respective countries toward each other.

Karikov S.A. The educational policy of the Saxon rulers in the age of the Lutheran confessionalization: foundation and activity of the prince-schools

The article deals with the problem of education as an important component of the Lutheran confessionalization. It also analyses the principles and tasks of Saxon prince-schools of the confessional age and determines the main features of the organization, curriculum, and discipline in these schools. In conclusion, prince-schools played an important role in the formation of territorial statehood of the Electorate of Saxony.

Lyapin D.A. Social and economic history of the Central Chernozem Region between the 16th and 17th centuries: the review of the sources

The author considers the features of the source database of documents on the socio-political history of the modern region of the Central Chernozem between the 16th and 17th centuries. The article proposes to single out several groups of sources on the basis of a separate scientific problem. The use of the probabilistic-statistical method seems to be promising. It allows taking into account possible actions of random factors, what is fundamentally important in studying of socio-economic history of the region.

Vostrikov P.V. Images of Virginia in the perception of its chroniclers and historians of the 18th century: from Robert Beverley to Thomas Jefferson

In this article the author provides a glimpse of main stages in historiographical tradition in the history of the state of Virginia in the second half of the colonial period, during the so-called “Golden age” of Virginian aristocracy. The investigation of the extant sources allowed the author to trace back the general features of social and economic development of the colony in different writers’ perception and single out their own particular points of view. “Notes on the State of Virginia” by Thomas Jefferson is by all means a fulfilment of his predecessors’ efforts in their analysis of the history and contemporary state of affairs of the country. “Notes…” is also an outstanding scientific and historical work.

Pulkin M.V. Gendarmes of the Olonets province: the specifics of professional activity (19th and the early 20th centuries)

The article describes problems of the Olonets gendarmerie administration’s creation and activity. The author reveals peculiarities of formation of the cadre personnel and defines the definition of the range of tasks, and the evolution of their priority objectives. Considerable attention is paid to the division of powers between the police and the gendarmerie. In the first decade of the existence of the Olonets gendarmerie, the tasks of the secret police were to fight against the Old Believer’s influence and the supervise over the officials of the provincial administration and the local clergy. From the 1870-s the main activity of the gendarmerie was the struggle against the revolutionary movement.

Ilyin D.А., Mamedov Z.I. “Yanks are ready to run, but looking for now”: the start of the Russian-Japanese war in the US press coverage

This article analyses the American press on the issue of the beginning of the Russian-Japanese War. The authors demonstrate the variety of the viewpoints in various publications. The formation of the public opinion regarding the outbreak of the military actions by Japan against Russia is taking place within the framework of advancing American interests. The authors conclude that the US claiming neutrality was far from it.

Tretyakova S.N. Russia: holy or bourgeois-democratic? The controversy over S. Graham`s works during the First World War

The article examines the Russian society’s perception of the image of Russia created by the British traveller and writer S. Graham during the First World War. He advocated originality of Russia and saw her power in conservative traditions and deep religiosity. Although in bourgeois-democratic circles his writings were heavily criticized because his perception of Russia was wrong and caused damage to Russian-British relationship. A famous writer Maxim Gorky also considered such image to be bad for Russia.

Frolov V.V. Financial provision of employees in RSFSR regional procuracies in 1955-1964 (on materials of Pskov region procuracy)

The article reviews the problem of financial support for employees of the regional procuracies of the RSFSR during the Khrushchev's Thaw (1955-1964). This work was written on the basis of previously unpublished materials and documents of the State Archives of the Pskov Region. Solving research problems in this article the author used systemic, comparative-historical and historical-genetic methods. In conclusion, between the second half of the 1950s and the first half of the 1960s employees of RSFSR regional procuracies had a decent salary, which means they did not have to think about any additional earnings once again to support their family.

Ivanov A.M. The activity of Smolensk Oblast Council of People's Deputies and Smolensk Oblast Communist Party Organization during the events of August 1991

The article analyses the events of August 1991 in the USSR and Smolensk region on the basis of archival data and media materials. The author studies the activity of regional authorities in the period of August events, and shows public attitude to the State Committee on the State of Emergency (SCSE). The Commission tried to find out the reasons for the coup d'état and the removal of the President from power. The events of August 1991 marked the end of the power of the Communist Party and the beginning of the USSR’s collapse that led to democratic changes in Russia.


Akhmatyanova Z.S., Salnikova V.V. The associative field of the word “nature” in the ecological picture of younger schoolchildren’s world

The article considers the bases of the ecological picture of the world and the basic concepts of Russian and foreign scholars. The authors describe the formation of the younger schoolchildren’s ecological picture of the world. This first stage of education promotes the bases for the personality formation that helps to create the consistent and continuous system of the personal ecological culture shaping and evolving. The main goal is to consider the associative field of the world “nature” in the picture of the world of the younger schoolchild. The article presents the interpretation of the term “ecological picture of the world” and reveals practical implications if the research.

Bragova A.M. Students’ research work in “Ancient languages and cultures” acquisition in Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University named after N.A. Dobrolyubov

The article considers the question of students’ research work in acquisition of the discipline “Ancient Languages and Cultures” in Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University named after N.A. Dobrolyubov (NNSLU). The process of writing scientific reports by students and their presentation at the annual students’ scientific conference in NNSLU helps students to get acquainted to the format of a scientific report, and this has a propaedeutic significance. Conference attendance also contributes to the accumulation of knowledge in the discipline “Ancient Languages and Cultures”. As a result this type of research helps to form both general and professional competences of students. Taking part in the inter-faculty Olympiad on ancient history, culture and Latin language in NNSLU and the international contest for knowledge of elementary Latin also helps to expand the range of professional skills and develop professional thinking.


Mineev A.I., Mineeva E.K. Interethnic interaction in the Chuvash Republic at the present stage: a sociological survey

The article studies interethnic interaction in the territory of Chuvashia on the basis of sociological research. The article analyses the first stage of the work which involves 320 respondents, representing student youth. The sociological study of the interethnic environment used various methods and interdisciplinary analytical tools including questionnaire design and the survey. Within the framework of the obtained data the authors give conclusions and trends that reflect interethnic relations in the region at the present time.

Ivanova E.A. Adaptation and integration of migrants in modern Russian society by the example of Smolensk Oblast

The article reveals the basic directions of the activity of the public authority in Smolensk Oblast in the sphere of adaptation and integration of migrants on the regional level. The author presents examples of the international policy implementation within the framework of the provincial state program “Strengthening the unity of Russian nation, harmonization of international relations and development of Cossacks in Smolensk Oblast” for 2016-2020. In conclusion, prerequisites for the aggravation of the socio-political situation in the region on the national and religious soil are not revealed.


Staniszewska Ż. Development of emotional intelligence through the use of fairy-tale therapy’s elements in the emotional-stress psychotherapy: short theoretical justification and some practical methodologies

The article analyses the options of using the emotional-stress psychotherapy in psychology. The author describes the theoretical background of this approach influence on the development of emotional intelligence and presents examples of their practical application in psychotherapy through the use of elements of fairy-tale therapy. 

Pavlova E.V. The features of changes of the students’ level of empathy on the programme track “Pedagogical education” in the competence-oriented educational process

The article considers empathy as a factor contributing to the formation of competences among undergraduate students. It presents the results of an empirical study. Features of the empathy level changes of future informatics, mathematics and physics teachers are shown. The author emphasises the need to increase the future subject teachers’ level of empathy.


Melkov A.S. Archpriest Alexander Gorsky about the Bulgarian Greek Church conflict

The problems of church unity and canonical autocephaly are of great importance in modern social and religious life and Inter-Orthodox relations. Attempts to resolve these tasks in our days invariably turn into confrontation and overly politicization. To overcome competently the existing differences in the Orthodox world on the subject of allowing autocephaly it is necessary to follow positive examples from the church history. In this context there is a great interest in the position of an outstanding Church historian and divine of the 19th century, rector of the Moscow Theological Academy archpriest Alexander Gorsky. This paper analyses his views on the nature of the Bulgarian Greek Church conflict and the ways of its overcoming, reflected in the homilies, addressed to the students of the divine school, the future Church pastors.

Kashirina V.V. On the new edition of “The Ladder” in the translation by Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov

This article considers the drafting history of “The Ladder” translation into the Russian language made by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov. The manuscript of the translation was received in Optina Pustyn in 1845, and at the same time editorial work started. However, St. Ignatius’s translation was not used in the preparation of the “The Ladder” publication in 1862. The modern publication of the Russian translation of “The Ladder” made by St. Ignatius, prepared by the publishing house “Pravilo very”, will be an important source for the study of the textology of “The Ladder” as well as for the study of the life and spiritual heritage of the Saint.


Myshak O.O. Definition specifics of the term “Biotechnology”

The article describes the definition of the term as a way of its studying. The study of the definition within the framework of scientific and professional discourse is one of the most significant and actively developing directions in terminology and cognitive linguistics. Analysing the definition of the term “Biotechnology” in English and Russian the author points to the absence of a well-established definition of this term. It confirms the temporal definition of concepts in any science that can be transformed depending on the development of the latter.

Stankevich A.Y. Headline as a linguistic object in a full-text database of regional Belarusian mass media

The article gives a brief description of the full-text database of regional Belarusian mass-media (RBM) and describes the structure of a language annotation of headlines. The author also defines tools for lemmatization of headlines and describes agreements for Russian lemmas correction as well as the structure and uses of the linguistic database “Headlines of RBM”.

Bagiyan A.Y., Nersesyan G.R. Pragma-communicative analysis of evaluation as a fundamental instrument of forming intentional intersubject dialogue

The article carries out a complex pragma-communicative analysis of the category of evaluation as a predominant component in the formation of intentional intersubjective communication. At the beginning the authors provide the definitional analysis of the “evaluation” notion on the basis of which they consider the classification of the category within modern linguistics. Further the authors investigate the pragma-communicative validity of evaluation and its dominant character in the discursive space of business media. The authors draw conclusions about the need of creating new classification structure, pragma-classification of language units in discursive media space.

Demina S.S. Fear and anger as companions of love in Propertius’ poetry

Love in Propertius’ elegies is connected with fear (timor, metus) and anger (ira). The descriptions of these emotions allow the Roman poet to display the specific character of love, its influence on mind and behaviour. According to Propertius the expressions of fear and anger directed at a person, who wants to destroy love, testify the value of love, and an aspiration to keep it. The fears in elegies disclose love as a complicated feeling, while anger directed at the beloved person reveals the power of love passion.

Slepukhina O.P. The Yemeni poetry as a primary source of relations between the South Arabia population and foreigners in Modern and Contemporary Periods

Poetry in South Arabia has always played a special role in people’s life; it reflects the social and political life of Yemen that makes it possible to use it as a primary source. In this article the author considers Yemen poetry as a source of history of relations between the local population and foreigners. Having analysed poems of different historical periods with images of the Portuguese, the Turks, the British, etc. the author comes to the conclusion that partly by composing verses where “us” was opposed to “them”, aliens, the Yemenis realized themselves as a nation. Besides, some poems provide valuable historical descriptions that can be an important addition to the already existing narrative.


Gerashchenko A.I., Gerashchenko I.G. Vladimir Solovyov on the relationship between law and morality

The article considers the Vladimir Solovyov’s concept on the moral origins of law. The correlation between law and moral law is shown. The dialectic of the moral and immoral in law is justified. The authors analyse moral and legal aspects of violence in society and reveal the correlation between power and moral mechanisms in the functions of society in Vladimir Solovyov’s philosophical and legal doctrine. Moral and legal issues are considered in the context of the economy of law.

Bezrukov A.N. The ontology of the rhizome of meaning in Venedikt Erofeev’s drama experiments

This article analyses the unfinished tragedy “Dissidents, or Fanny Kaplan” by postmodernist writer Venedikt Erofeev. The drama manifests a special hierarchy of values being destroyed by reality. The relevance of the work lies in the fact that the text of the play has not yet been considered in the mode of the level layout in actual connection with the conceived V. Erofeev triptych. The format of the triptych allows the author to overcome the boundaries of the semantic range and connotative substitution. The writer moves from the integrity of the reflection of life to the variative self-destruction, to the loss of the most important ontological components of life, i.e. the category of faith. The conclusions indicate the rhizome character of the meaning which ontologically cannot be completed. The reception of the play “Dissidents, or Fanny Kaplan” verifies the objective idea of V. Erofeev’s creative landmarks.