No 3, 2013

Publishing Date: 2014-03-17


Kolupaev V.E. Imperial ideas or Byzantine heritage: Communism and the Church?

Soviet and anti-Soviet ideological clichés continue living in foreign and domestic politics of the states formed during the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Russophobia, or Anti-Russian sentiment, and the search of a national idea should be considered in the light of the arising processes as the continuation of the broadcast of imperial ideas. Thereupon the Soviet period of the history had its own characteristics. It still has its influence even contemporary Russian reality.

Venediktov V.Y. The everyday life and customs of Constantinople Patriarchs in the second half of the 19th century

The author of the article analyzes the church conflicts between Greeks and Bulgarians in the second half of the 19th century. It is rather interesting to have an overlook of everyday life, customs and material status of the Constantinople Patriarchs of those times during the Church conflict. In his research the author bases on the documents from the Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Empire. The schism of 1872 has set on edge the tensed relations in the midst of the highest Greek hierarchy of the Constantinople Church.

Levin Y.A. J. Dillinger’s files in the FBI archives of 1933

John Dillinger (1903-1934 years), a famous American criminal and bank robber of the times of the Great Depression (1929-1939 years), "The Public Enemy number one". Dillinger became a symbol of his time, and his annihilation was one of the first major operations of the FBI which was still growing in strength. Over time Dillinger gained a glory of a public hero of the United States, kind of a "Robin Hood of the Great Depression". This article focuses on the FBI archive documents that show the initial stage of image-building and his high profile case. Materials of the National Archives of the FBI are used in this article.

Malugin S.B. Review on “Empire – Negotiator. Relations of the British East India Company with the English government and Indian patrimonies” by K.A. Fursov

This book is an independent scientific and historical research on the unique power-trading structure called the English East India Company (EIC). The book covers the whole period of the EIC (1600-1874), describing the transformation of its structural and functional characteristics and its main role in the relationship between Britain and India. 


Bureiko N.M. The impact of immigration on the process of American National identity formation

In the article the impact of immigration on the process of American national identity formation is analyzed, distinguishing immigrants’ place and role within American nation. A significant role of immigrants in the USA is determined, regardless the domination concept used for explanation of the nature of American national character – melting pot or cultural pluralism. 

Dokash O.Y. The language of the Soviet political propaganda in conditions of escalation of politico-military opposition in western Ukraine at the initial of the World War II

The discourse of Soviet political propaganda is analyzed in conditions of the beginning of the WWII and entering of the Red Army into Western Ukraine on September 17, 1939. The article gives characteristic of propagandistic and manipulative mechanisms of escalation of military and political struggle as well as theirs influence upon mass consciousness of population of the region as objects of realization of Stalin’s totalitarian regime. The submission of information flows to ideological-propagandistic objectives of the Stalinist totalitarian regime, including the use of special “Soviet language” is indicated. 

Muhametov R.S. Political parties in the Sverdlovsk region: stages of development

This article analyzes the processes of party building in the Russian Federation. On the example of a single region – the Sverdlovsk region – we study the evolution of political parties. The factors favoring the process of formation and functioning of regional political parties and political movements in the Middle Urals are identified and classified. Much attention is paid to such factors of development of the parties in the region as a party-electoral law and the electoral system view.

Yamchuk A.M. The “Brahimi Report” it the context of reforming the peacekeeping policy of UN

The article deals with the issue of importance of the “Brahimi report” for reform of the United Nations’ peace operations. Problems that UN is facing while conducting security and peacekeeping policy are discussed in the article. Studying the “Brahimi report” the author highlights the Panel’s positive recommendations and points out to certain shortcomings. 

Shkuro A.S. Political crisіs and compromise as the casual determinants in the process of political decisions making

There is a risk of certain ineffective results in the system of political decisions making. That’s why we should pay a special attention to the criteria of political crisis evaluation. Today the problem of national politics lies only in an adequate raising of questions about the way out of the political crisis using the mechanism of compromise achieving. The article is about the fundamental role of the crisis and the compromise and about their influence on the formation of the strategic development of policy.


Nikolsky E.V. The forefather Melchizedek as the prototype of Christ and the first manifestation of royal Holiness

The article is devoted to the analysis of the mysterious personality of Melchizedek that is known from the book of Genesis. He is called the king of Salem and also “the priest of God Most High”. This combination of Imperial dignity and the priesthood is a characteristic feature of the Patriarchal period typical to many nations. Melchizedek who did not belong to the chosen generation was, however, the priest of the true religion, and was so sublime that he subsequently became the ideal of the whole priesthood, even standing above the Aaronic priesthood. The biography of Melchizedek, the story and interpretation of his Ministry never appeared in the canonical biblical books. Various legends about him are found in the Jewish and Christian Apocrypha. The prophetic parallel between the king Melchizedek and the Christ King is fully and clearly expressed in the mysterious Melchizedek priesthood according to a special rite and in connection to this priestly service with the Royal dignity. This was disclosed in details by the Apostle Paul.

Melkov A.S., Nikolsky E.V. The problem of perception and evaluation of Nicolas II as the holy in secular and religious communities

The article explores the poorly studied question of attitude of the modern secular and ecclesiastical society in Russia to the personality of Emperor Nicholas II after him being consecrated a saint in 2000. The paper examines examples of both positive and negative attitude to St. Nicholas II by secular and religious circles. There is a general analysis of the situation formed around the Church veneration of Nicholas II and his family.

Bochkov P.V., Martyshin D.S. Analytical support of the Church splits’ study

The article discusses the need of the theological analysis and analytical support in the study of schisms that are considered to be contemporary challenges of the Russian Orthodox Church unity. The authors emphasize the necessity of an interdisciplinary approach – synthesis of theological and secular science – to get the best effect in the study of schisms and countering church divisions.


Sukhareva S.V. The Jan Karol Chodkiewicz's image in Bonaventura Charlinsky's Funeral Sermon

Figures of speech used to show Jan Karol Chodkiewicz’s heroism  in the funeral sermon by Bonaventura Charlinsky were given in the article as well as the parallels with the funeral sermon by Fabian Birkovsky. A great deal of attention was paid to the integrity of the writer’s homiletic writing, his devotion to traditions and personal approach to the preaching oratio. Drawn conclusions as to the features of Polish funeral sermons in Ukraine in the 17th century were based on the analyzed material.

Bai O.S. Specificity of female characters in the old Polish Danilo Bratkowski’s collection “World, considered by parts”

The article deals with the classification of the baroque women’s images in the Danylo Bratkovski’s creation. Based on Baroque antagonism it’s depicted the positive and negative aspects of female nature, their impact on public opinion and public morality at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. The main attention is paid to religion and chastity of women, condemned female drunkenness is condemned. It’s conducted the parallel with personalized images that have feminine origin – justice, Warsaw-mother, truth, lies and others. Taking into account the confronted parallels and artistic allusions we made a conclusion about diversity in the female personification of Polish baroque poetry.

Burygina Т.S. “Hatter’s Castle” by A.J. Cronin. A case of insanity

The article is devoted to “Hatter’s Castle”, the most famous novel written by Scottish novelist of the 20th century Archibald Joseph Cronin. The main character of the novel, James Brodie, is analyzed from the viewpoint of psychopathology. The influence of medical profession on Cronin’s literary work is stated.

Fusco A. A.J. Cronin. A doctor into lifelong writer

Reality and fiction might be strictly coexistent in the narrative world. The author of this article, after a deep reading of A.J. Cronin’s novels, has tried to find out the right key to penetrate into the novelist’s intricate world. After many interrogatives on A.J. Cronin both as a man and writer, the author, finally, has been able to grasp from the pages of  the novelist, the suffering of a man who has made of his romance the history of his own life.

Burmakina N.A., Volkova E.U. Expressive means of language in modern advertisement (based on the analyses of advertisements in weekly issue “Purse of Advertisements”)

The article is devoted to the usage of expressive means of language in advertisements. The peculiarity of modern usage of expressive means of language in Krasnoyarsk press advertisements is stated.


Zhukova N.V. The dynamics of the life cycle of the local culture of Alsace

The article deals with dynamics of cultural development of Alsace – the local culture of borderline synthetic type. The article analyses phases of the life cycle and crises as well as the processes of inter-ethnic cooperation that characterize them.

Zoriy N.I. Mythological thinking in the person’s psychological integrity formation at the Modern period of social development

In the article the process of consciousness mythologizing and the peculiarities of mythological thinking are researched. The peculiarities of mythological consciousness of mass psychology are distinguished relying on S. Freud’s theory.  

Pilyugina E.V. "Event" as the key concept of the comprehension of contemporary social reality: semantic and mental accents

This article examines the semantic accents, conceptual nuances, the specificity of the use of the term “event” as a linguistic tool for describing the contemporary social reality (postmodern society) in different languages and cultures (English, French, German, Russian).

Skyba T.Y. Theoretic and methodological bases of mechanisms of state management

The article discusses the concept of institutional mechanism in the works of the classics, the factors of its formation and development in higher education. The ways to minimize transaction costs as a major factor of stability of the institutional mechanism are described. Key stakeholders that form the institutional mechanisms are also identified.

Mihaltchuk N.M. Review on “The Counter-Revolution of Science. Studies on the Abuse of Reason” by Friedrich August von Hayek

The Austrian-English economist and social thinker Hayek sets the problem of "scientism" criticism, i.e. an illegal shift of methods from natural science to humanities. To solve this problem Hayek analyses the history of natural sciences and their separation from studies that are corroborated by historical experience (like jurisprudence, history, classic literature).